A.D. Police

Japanese name: A.D. Police
Japanese name: none
English name: A.D. Police
Dates: April 8, 1999-June 30, 1999 (April 9, 1999-July 1, 1999)
Broadcast time: Wednesday, 25:45-26:15 (Thursday, 1:45-2:15 am)
Number of episodes: 12
Animation Studio: AIC (Anime International Company), Plum, BeStack
Production Company: A.D. Police Production Committee
Broadcaster: TV Tokyo (TX)
Creator(s): Toshimichi Suzuki (anime: Bubblegum Crisis (oav series))
Series Director: Hidehito Ueda
Episode Director(s): Hidehito Ueda, Hidekazu Sato, Jiro Fujimoto, Naoyuki Konno, Shigeki Hatakeyama, Shintaro Itoga
Producer(s): Haruo Kawajima (executive), Toru Miura (executive), Hiroaki Inoue, Korefumi Seki, Kichiro Tsukamoto, Satoshi Nagai
Planning: Taiko Hoshikawa (series composition)
Writer(s): Taiko Hoshikawa, Hiroshi Ohnogi, Toshizo Nemoto
Art Director: Shinji Katahira
Character Designer(s): Naoyuki Konno, Natsuki Mamiya (mecha), Reimu Aoki (mecha), Toru Takahashi (mecha)
Music: Yoshinobu Hiraiwa
Sound: Tomohiro Yoshita
Voice Actors
(regular characters):
Susumu Chiba (Kenji Sasaki), Takumi Yamazaki (Hans Clitte), Ayako Kawasumi (Kyoko Miyano), Yukari Nozawa (Nancy Wilson), Kouji Ishii (Jose Collins), Chiharu Tezuka (Karen Jordan), Takako Kodama (Mary Malone)
Genre(s): adventure, science fiction, cyborgs, androids, police, crime
Home Video
Japan: DVD (BIBA 1141-1146)
United States: DVD (AD Vision, DAP 001 (set))
Note(s): This series is set in a similar background story as the Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 series. It is not exactly a prequel to that series.

There was an oav version of A.D. Police in 1993.

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