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One day I entered my favorite Atlanta bookstore (Iwase Books, a Japanese bookstore which is part of a chain with other outlets in Honolulu and Japan*). The photograph and the following article were the results.

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   ARTICLE TITLE: Enter the Dragon.

       AUTHOR(S): Patureau, Alan.

     PUBLICATION: Atlanta Constitution
                  Nov 7, 1994, C, 1:2

           NOTES: Availability: UMIACH60191.00.
                  Article Length: Medium (6-18 col inches).
                  Article Type: Feature.
                  C, 1:2 : Photograph

        ABSTRACT: For two years manga mania has been building among devotees
young and old who flock to various comic book stores throughout metro Atlanta.
Manga, or Japanese comic books, are becoming more and more popular in the US as
time progresses.

        SUBJECTS: Japan
                  Comic books

      DATE ADDED: 01/07/95

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4-(c)                  GALIN                              

The least they could've done is mention my name in the database.
^_- (Japanese style smiley)

Sadly, the store closed during the Spring of 1999. Which became a moot point for me when I left Georgia a few months later.

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