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Colonel Heeza Liar's African Hunt (ss), John R. Bray /Bray.
(drawn animation)

John R. Bray applies for a patent on various animation techniques, including printing of backgrounds to speed production, inking of lines, etc. The patent was granted in July.

Gertie the Dinosaur (ss), Winsor McCay.
(drawn animation)

A Trip to the Moon (ss), Vincent Whitman /Lubin.
(drawn animation)

Ward Kimball (Ward Walrath Kimball) (animator, director, writer, character designer, inbetweener) born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Emile Cohl returns to France.

Joy Batchelor (director, producer, animator, writer) born in Watford, Hertfordshire. (Great Britain)

Norman McLaren (April 11, 1914-January 27, 1987) (director, animator, producer) born in Stirling, Stirlingshire. (Great Britain)

John Hubley (May 21, 1914–February 21, 1977) (director, animator, producer, writer) born in Marinette, Wisconsin.

United States The Americas (excluding U.S.) Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
Australasia (excluding Japan)

Evelyn Lambart (July 23, 1914-April 3, 1999) (animator, director) born in Ottawa, Ontario. (Canada)

The Police Dog (ss), Carl Anderson /Bray.
(drawn animation)
first Police Dog series (1914-1916)

Jonathan Harris (Jonathan Charasuchin) (November 6, 1914–November 3, 2002) (voice actor) born in New York, New York.

Hunting in Crazyland (ss).
(drawn animation)
first Powers Cartoons series (1914-1918)
This was a collection of cartoons by various studios (Winsor McCay, Hy Mayer, Pat Sullivan, and others) gathered by Pat Powers and distributed by Universal Pictures. Some of the cartoons and series have separate entries.

Earl Hurd applies for a patent to use transparent plastic sheets for drawing the moving objects in animation. These are placed over a background. The background with one of more layers of transparent sheets are photographed to produce the final image. The transparent sheets were later called cels because they were made of celluloid.

Bray-Hurd Process Company created to enforce Bray and Hurd's patent rights. Most animation companies had to have licences from the company to operate through the early 1930s (when their patents ran out).

no date
Ford Animated Weekly (ss), Ford.
(live action, some drawn animation)
Weekly newsreel produced by the Ford Motor Company and distributed freely to commercial theaters. Apparently not all episodes included animation and the series did not appear each week. The series was produced from 1914 to 1916.

Raoul Barre develops the system of pegs to keep animated drawings registered. He also developed the slash method of animation. The background and animated figures are on separate pieces of paper. Then the parts of the paper with the figure that are not needed are slashed away. Then the two drawings are combined with photography.

no date
István Kató Kiszly makes cartoons for a local newsreel. (Austria-Hungary [Hungary])
(drawn animation)

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