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United States The Americas (excluding U.S.) Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
Australasia (excluding Japan)
Burr's Novelty Review No.1 (ss), R.E. Donahue and J.J. McManus /MacDono Cartoons.
(drawn animation)
first Burr's Novelty Review series

Jacques Morel (May 22, 1922- ) (voice actor, writer) born in Paris. (France)

Little Red Riding Hood (ss), Walt Disney /Laugh-O-Grams.
(drawn animation)
first "full length" short subject by Walt Disney

Little Red Riding Hood imageLittle Red Riding Hood
Abe Levitow (Abraham Levitow) (July 2, 1922-May 8, 1975) (animator, director, producer) born in Los Angeles, California.

United States The Americas (excluding U.S.) Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
Australasia (excluding Japan)
Hoyt Curtin (Hoyt S. Curtin) (September 9, 1922-December 3, 2000) (composer) born in Downey, California.

Felix Turns the Tide (ss), Otto Messmer /Sullivan.
(drawn animation)

Colonel Heeza Liar's Treasure Island (ss), Vernon Stallings /Bray.
(drawn animation)
first in a new Colonel Heeza Liar series (1922-1924)

Paul Winchell (Paul Winchin) (December 21, 1922–June 24, 2005) (voice actor) born in New York, New York.

Larry D. Mann (December 18, 1922- ) (voice actor) born in Toronto, Ontario. (Canada)

no date
Golf in Slow Motion (ss), Walt Disney /Laugh-O-Grams.
(drawn animation, some model animation)
early Lafflets series (1922-1923)

no date
Les Grenouilles Qui Demandant Un Roi ("The Frogs That Demanded a King"; "Frogland"), Ladislas Starewicz /Starewicz. (France)
(model animation)

La dernière invention de l’ingénieur Courandair à travers l’impossible (ss), Henry Monnier /Société cinématographique des auteurs et gens de lettres. (France)
(drawn animation)

Little Red Riding Hood (ss), Anson Dyer /Hepworth Picture Plays. (Great Britain)
(drawn animation, some live action)
first Kiddiegraph series (1922)

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