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United States The Americas (excluding U.S.) Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
Australasia (excluding Japan)
Invalid (ss), Mintz.
(drawn animation)
first Krazy Kat series from the Charles Mintz studio (1926-1940). Later episodes came from the Screen Gems studio.

Don Adams (Donald James Yarmy) (April 13, 1926-September 25, 2005) (voice actor) born in New York, New York.

Bob Calinescu (May 16, 1926-October 27, 1990) (director) born in Bucharest. (Romania)

Die Geschichte des Prinzen Achmed ("The Adventures of Prince Achmed") (f), Lotte Reiniger /Comenius-Film. (Germany)
(silhouette animation)

Die Geschichte des Prinzen Achmed cartoon

United States The Americas (excluding U.S.) Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
Australasia (excluding Japan)
The Family Album (ss), Hy Mayer /Mayer.
(drawn animation)
first Scenic Sketchographs series

Stan Freberg (Stanley Victor Freberg) (August 7, 1926- ) (voice artist) born in Los Angeles, California.

Don Messick (September 7, 1926-October 24, 1997) (voice actor) born in Buffalo, New York.

For the Love o' Pete (ss), Walter Lantz /Bray.
(drawn animation, part live action)
first Hot Dog series (1926-1927)

Yoram Gross (October 18, 1926- ) (director, producer, animator, writer) born in Kracow. (Poland)

Saiyuki Songoku Monogatari [遊記孫悟空物語] ("Journey to the West: Songoku's Story") (ss), Noboro Ofuji.
(cut out animation)

Howie Post (Howard Post) (director, storyboard artist, producter) (November 2, 1926-May 21, 2010) born in New York, New York.

no date
Romulus and Remus (ss), Charles Lambly. (Canada)
(cut out animation)

no date
"Uproar in the Art Studio" (ss), Wan Lai-ming, Wan Guchan, Wan Chaochen, and Wan Dihuan. (China)
(drawn animation)

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Because of these circumstances I will not respond to requests for help to find these types of materials.

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