Richard's Animated Divots E-Mail Page

For a variety of reasons I have decided to take the direct e-mail link to me off of my Animated Divots pages. Please use this link if you wish to send me any comments about my pages. I welcome any comments about their contents, especially corrections or additional information.

Unfortunately I lack the time or resources to help people find copies of animated films or television programs. I will not respond to requests for such material. I have put together a web List of Online Video and Book Stores that will be useful to find copies of films in the United States and some other countries. These are all stores that I have used to acquire copies of programs. There are other similar stores on the Internet around the world that might be able to supply the DVDs, LDs, VCDs, or video tapes that are desired. I suggest using general web search engines such as Google to find copies of programs. These are the resources that I would use in trying to find a source of home video material.

I do hope you have found my website useful,
Yours in animation,