Japanese name: .hack//SIGN
Japanese name: none
English name: .hack//SIGN
Dates: April 4, 2002-September 25, 2002 (April 5, 2002-September 26, 2002)
February 1, 2003-August 30, 2003 (United States)
April 1, 2005-October 7, 2005 (Canada)
Broadcast time: Wednesday, 24:55-25:25 (Thursday, 12:55-1:25 am)
Number of episodes: 26
Animation Studio: Bee Train
Production Company: Bandai Visual, Yomiko Advertising, .hack Project
Broadcaster: TV Tokyo (TX)
Cartoon Network (United States)
YTV (Canada)
Series Director: Koichi Mashimo
Episode Director(s):
Producer(s): Daisuke Uchiyama, Kazunori Takagi, Koji Morimoto, Kuninori Egawa
Planning: Kazunori Itoh (series composition)
Writer(s): Kazunori Itoh
Art Director: Yoshimi Umino
Art Design: Makiko Kojima (color)
Character Designer(s): Yoshiyuki Sadomoto, Akira Osawa, Yukiko Ban, Minako Shiba, Yuko Iwaoka, Kenji Teraoka (mecha), Tatsuya Oka (mecha)
Animator(s): Satoshi Ohsawa (director), Yukiko Ban (director), Tomoaki Kado (director), Yuko Iwaoka (director), Tatsuya Oka (director)
Music: Yuki Kajiura
Sound: Koichi Mashimo (director)
Voice Actors
(regular characters):
Mitsuki Saiga (Tsukasa), Megumi Toyoguchi (Mimiru), Kaori Nazuka (Subaru), Kazuhiro Nakata (Bear), Akiko Hiramatsu (BT), Rie Tanaka (Mornaga), Hiroshi Ienaka (Sora)
Genre(s): adventure, science fiction, computers, virtual reality, computer games, computer game adaptation
Home Video
Japan: DVD (BCBA 1199-1207)
United States: DVD (Bandai Entertainment, 6 discs)
Note(s): This series has two sequels, .hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu and .hack//Roots.

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