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Hiiro no Kakera Dai Ni Shou

Japanese name: Hiiro no Kakera Dai Ni Shou
Japanese name: 緋色の欠片 第二章
English name:
Dates: September 30, 2012- December 23, 2012
Broadcast time: Sunday, 22:00-22:27 (10:00-10:27 pm)
Number of episodes: 13
Animation Studio: Studio Deen
Production Company:
Broadcaster: Tokyo MX (Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corporation)
Creator(s): Idea Factory staff members
Series Director: Bob Shirahata
Episode Director(s): Bob Shirahata, Mitsutishi Sato, Kazunobu Shimizu, Naagai Shinpei, Odahiro Watanabe
Producer(s): Yoshihito Yonekura, Hiroaki Tsunoda, Chinatsu Matsui, Shigeru Saito, Norimitsu Urasaki, Kousaku Sakamoto, Kozue Kaneniwa
Planning: Tadako Nakamura (series composition), Shinya Murata, Keiichi Matsuda
Storyboard(s): Teruo Sato, Toshiyuki Kato, Odahiro Watanabe
Writer(s): Michiko Yokote, Tadako Nakamura, Rika Nakase
Art Director: Junko Shimizu
Art Design: Hitoshi Ueda, Takasumi Osuda (color), Tomo Kosaka (props)
Character Designer(s): Naoyuki Onda
Animator(s): Naoyuki Onda (chief director), Kumi Ishii (chief director), Yuka Kudo (chief director), Atsushi Aono (chief director), Tejima Yuuto (director),
Music: Hikaru Nanase
Sound: Takuya Hiramitsu (director)
Voice Actors
(regular characters):

Genre(s): adventure, romance, fantasy, folklore (Japan), teenagers, video game adaptation >
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This series continues Hiiro no Kakera Tamayori Hime Kitan (2012)
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