Chikyu Bouei Kazoku

Japanese name: Chikyu Bouei Kazoku
Japanese name: 地球防衛家族
English name: Earth Defence Family; The Daichis: Earth's Defence Family
Dates: January 9, 2001-March 29, 2001
Broadcast time: Tuesday, 18:30-18:58 (6:30-6:58 pm)
Number of episodes: 13
Animation Studio: Group TAC
Production Company:
Broadcaster: WOWOW
Creator(s): Shoji Kawamori
Series Director: Tetsu Kimura
Episode Director(s):
Producer(s): Minoru Takanashi (Bandai Visual), Tsutomu Onishi (Group TAC)
Planning: Shoji Kawamori (series composition)
Art Director: Takashi Miyano, Takashi Nakamura
Character Designer(s): Kazuaki Moori, Shoji Kawamori (mecha), Tomoki Kyoda (mecha), Kazuki Miyatake (mecha)
Animator(s): Kazuaki Mouri (director), Hisafumi Nakahara (director), Hideaki Maniwa (director), Toshi Shishikura (director), Yuji Moriyama (director), Kazumi Ikeda (director), Hiroaki Shimizu (director), Toshiharu Sugie (director), Koichiro Sohtome (director), Minoru Miwata (director), Nobuaki Nagano (director), Takamitsu Kondou (director)
Music: Shigewo Naka
Voice Actors
(regular characters):
Akira Kamiya (Mamoru Daichi), Mami Koyama (Seiko Daichi), Motoko Kumai (Dai Daichi), Kaori Shimizu (Nozomi Daichi), Akiko Yajima (Shiratori Eren), Yuko Mizutani (Junko Ejima)
Genre(s): comedy, adventure, science fiction, alien invasion, battlesuits, family life
Home Video
Japan: DVD (ST-0368)
United States: DVD (Geneon Entertainment, 3 discs)
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