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December 17, 2000
Today's update is for the Anime TV list. I've gone back to calling it a list due to the fact that I still don't have the software (or time) to turn the information into a proper database. More importantly, today's update includes one new series, Dotto Koni-chan, finally including entries for a couple of slightly older series, Yoshimoto Muchikko Monagatari and Umi no Aurora, and making up for a big oversight, I managed to miss Serial Experiments Lain in my big beginning of the year conversion. Also, a number of other files have been updated.

December 10, 2000
Oops, I forgot to make an entry here with my last file updates. Anyway, today's update of the Chronology is a more extensive, the largest new addition in a while. There are many new entries for British and some European tv shows, a handful of new Korean films, and the usual corrections and additions throughout.

Also, my site seems to be gaining some measure of popularity (or notice on the search engines) by the number of hits recently. The Anime TV list has broken the 10,000 mark. Thanks to everyone. My apologies to everyone who has been requesting information about copies of various films. Unfortunately I don't have some magic source of copies. Generally I'm as frustrated as you are to actually see something.

November 2, 2000
Unfortunatlely I haven't been able to work on these pages as much recently as I would like to. Actually, last weekend I did update the Chronology and I have made the updates necessary for the new Japanese tv season in the Anime TV list. New series are Argent Soma, Digital Tokoro-san, Gakkou no Kaidan, Gambler Densetsu Tetsuya, Gear Senshi Dendoh, Gravitation, Karakuri Kiden Hiou Senki, Muteki-oh Tri-Zenon, Sci-Fi Harry, Shin Megami-Tensei - Devichil, Vandread, and Yami no Matsuei.

September 13, 2000
Friday the 13th is on Wednesday this month. Today's update is of both the Chronology and the Anime TV list. The list update includes an entry for the new Sunrise series, Dinozaurs: The Series (which has not yet been released in Japan) and the beginning of some new data for the list. I'm going to start including more info on non-Japanese release of series. The next update will include a revised Introduction to the list with more details of what I'll be doing. You can look at the Pocket Monster entry for some data on the American voice cast (with character name changes).

August 29, 2000
Today's update is for the Chronology.

Today I'm taking the opportunity to record two bits of news on this page. First, Ron Kurer on his excellent "Toontracker" site has listed these Animated Divots as his site of the month. Second, I've finally passed 5,000 hits on the counters for both the Chronology and the Anime TV list. And, let me take this chance to thank everyone who has written me about the information on this site. I just wish I could be more helpful to many who have asked me for more info than I have.

August 9, 2000
Another bad (i.e. lazy) month has resulted in a late updating of the Chronology. Also, there are two new files added to the Anime TV list, Brigadoon - Marin to Meran and Hand Maid May.

July 17, 2000
Today's update is of the Anime TV list. Along with some entries with new information there are several new series, Strange Dawn, Tottoko Hamutaru, and the sequel to last year's Medarot, Medarot Damashii. Also, I've finally prepared an entry for the old NHK anthology program, Eishin Anime Gekijou ("Satellite Anime Playhouse").

July 3, 2000
Today's update is the basic new version of the Chronology plus a few file additions to the Anime TV list.

June 11, 2000
Unfortunately its been a busy month so I haven't had as much time for working on my animation files as I would like. Anyway, I've finally been able to do an update of the Chronology, a few files for the Anime TV list, and the animation links page.

May 17, 2000
Today's update is primarily minor changes to the Anime TV list; but there is one new series entry, Ojamanga Yamada-kun.

May 10, 2000
Today's update includes the first update of the Chronology in over a month. Now that the file conversion is complete on the Anime TV lists I should be able to update this more frequently. Also, updated for the first time in a long time is the Gisaburo Sugii Filmography.

May 2, 2000
It took a bit longer than I thought it would but the Anime TV lists conversion has been completed. Thirty files turned into over a thousand ...

April 30, 2000
I've decided to make a big push this weekend and finish the conversion of the Anime TV lists into the individual file format (except for the Unverififed list). Today's update completes the conversion of "U", "V", "W", "X", and some of "Y".

April 28, 2000
Today's update completes the old "T" list for the Anime TV database. I the end is finally in sight for this conversion project. Now I just have to find some software to search for specific information in the files ....

April 27, 2000
Today's update includes a milestone for this webpage, the 1000th file (all due, of course, to the file inflation caused by redoing the tv list). Among these new files is one for the latest Japanese tv program, NieA_7 (NieA under 7 as the show's animation studio, Triangle Staff, puts it on some of the studio pages. It is a comedy about an alien visitor to Earth.

April 23, 2000
Today's update completes the old "S" file for the Anime TV database. Also, during the week several files have been added for new shows like Love Hina, a romantic comedy about the shy manager of a boarding house and his female tenants, a new Transformers series, Transformers: Car Robots, and a new series from Studio Pierrot, Ayashi no Ceres.

April 13, 2000
I see Friday the thirteenth is on Thursday this month. Today completes the conversion of the old "R" list for the Anime TV database. Also, two new files have been added, Boys Be..., based on a high school comedy, and Fabre Sensei wa Meitantei (Dr. Fabre Is a Detective), about which I know nothing more.

April 11, 2000
Today's update is the conversion of the "Q" list for the Anime TV database and the first major influx of files for the Japanese Spring tv season. So far most of the new series are continuations (or new versions) of older series. This includes what will be eventually new episodes for the American versions of Digimon Adventures and Monster Farm. Other "new" series include Corrector Yui (now corrected from "Collector Yui"), Nintama Rantaro, Mahoujin Guru Guru, and a new "Time Bokan" series from Tatsunoko, Kaitou Kiramekimen. Some genuinely new series that have begun in the last week are Gate Keepers, Gensou Maden Saiyuki, and Ginsou Kitou Audian. There will be some additional new series later in the next couple of weeks.

April 10, 2000
Unfortunately I had another lazy weekend, not doing nearly as much as I had planned (but saw a great San Marino Grand Prix, Master's final round, and the Japanese Grand Prix). I have finished the "P" list for the Anime TV database and the redirect "chron" files for the Chronology.

April 8, 2000
The latest version of the Chronology is ready. This is more than just the normal update. It also includes a substantial revision of the file structure. The files from 1960 to the present have been subdivided into smaller sizes so that they'll load faster. Also, I've taken the opportunity to rename all of the files in the real chronology so that they'll be easier for me to deal with when look at directories. My apologies to all who may have had links to the old file names. By Monday, I'll replace the older "chron" files with replacement link files to help with this.

March 29, 2000
Today's update of the Anime TV database includes a bit of everything. The O list conversion is finished. I've been over to verify a series from the "Unverified" list (an old series from the early '70s, Otoko Do-Aho! Koshien). The first of the new Spring tv shows is supposed to have come out, Da! Da! Da! (supposedly about a baby from outer space and the family that takes it in). And, I've found a mistaken series identification (Oz Kids) with another possible on the horizon.

March 27, 2000
I actually had a fair weekend on the file conversion front and completed the N list of the Anime TV database. The new files also include several items that have been moved over from the "Unverified List": Dororonpa!, Heart Cocktail, and Karaoke Senshi Mike-tarou.

March 23, 2000
The M list for the Anime TV database is completed. Finally.

March 15, 2000
Today I'm finally updating the Chronology. All I can say is that it's been a bad two weeks. I'm still inching through the Ms in the Anime TV database. These days I seem to be doing as many updates to existing files as I am converting new ones.

February 26, 2000
Today's additions to the Anime TV database completes the L list, updates a couple of older files, and adds the newly discovered Ginpei the Penguin.

February 24, 2000
Several new files are added to the Anime TV database, completing the conversion of the old K list.

February 23, 2000
Today, I've uploaded a new edition of the Chronology and a few more files for the Anime TV database (including a "new" one from the Unverifed list).

February 14, 2000
After a fair weekend I've finished converting the Js and moved into the Ks of the old tv lists. Also there are a few file updates and I've managed to confirm Surf-side High School from the "Unverified" list.

February 10, 2000
Today marks the end of the "I" tv file and the addition of four new series entries from this past weekend: Mashurambo (no idea), Miami Guns (comic adventures of two policewomen), Nyani ga Nyander Nyander Kamen (the masked adventures of a young cat), and the latest in the new tradition typographically complex titles, Oja-Majo Doremi # (sharp).

February 9, 2000
Goodbye "H" file.

February 7, 2000
After a very productive weekend I've got about 50 new files converted for the tv list, finishing off the old "G" list. Also, I made some corrections and additions to other files in the database. I don't have an exact count but I think over a third of the files have been converted now.

February 4, 2000
I've finally gotten around to loading the latest version of the Chronology and converting a bunch of files for the tv list (including three new series entries).

January 31, 2000
This weekend I closed the old "F" file of the tv list. About 20 files were converted plus about 15 were updated.

January 27, 2000
After a productive evening (and a morning off) another 25 or so files are done on the tv project. This closes the "E" file and most of "F". And I've done a bit or redecorating on this page...

January 26, 2000
A few more Anime Television Database files to finish off "D".

January 24, 2000
This was a good weekend, with nearly 90 files created/converted for the Anime Television Database. The old "C" list is now retired.

January 10, 2000
Today's update includes the first update for the new year of the Chronology of Animation. The year 2000 has already given the world two new animated features and one new television show.

Also, the Anime Television Database is being updated with around 20 new titles. The past two days were a bad weekend for getting stuff done. And next weekend will be worse ...

January 5, 2000
Today sees the end of the B list of the old Anime Television List. I don't have an exact count but about 100 titles have been converted, 10% of the whole database.

January 3, 2000
Ah, first update of the new millenium (not!). Now, having proven that I'm Gregorianly correct I'll get on with the news.

Today marks the public appearance of the Anime Television Database. Actually, it's not a database yet. More importantly, the conversion from the old format is barely begun but the change is now occurring. The idea is to eventually make the information in the Anime Television List into a searchable database. The first step is to take the current alphabetical lists and separate them into files for each tv series. This update will include A and part of B (plus some other files from later in the alphabet). This first update has around 80 files/tv series in it. When all of the separate files have been created I will add a search function. At this point access will be through a title list. This list will contain all the proper titles that I have plus additional titles from English names for series, title keywords, and other title forms. I would like to get some feedback on the new form of the database.

December 22, 1999
Today's major update is for the Chronology. The size is up to 520kb. This will be the last update for the year. Also, added are some new sites on the Animation Web Links page.

December 6, 1999
Well, I almost made this update on time ... Actually I completed the file creation for the update of the TV List on Saturday (but then got too lazy to complete the final check or bring it to campus to upload). Anyway, it is all done now, and online. In addition to the new version of the TV List, there has also been a revision to the Rintaro filmography with the addition of a new tv series to the list.

As for the TV List, that file has been greatly expanded this time to 834kb. The main reason for this expansion is due to the addition of two new fields, Art Director and Planning. But there is some new data, also. Unfortunately the title revision is taking longer than anticipated. It's only through B at this point.

By the way there is something of current news note at the end of the unverified section of the TV List. I have an unconfirmed entry for a Les Miserables series that supposedly started last week. I would hope this is the beginning of the long promised New World Masterpiece series. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything about it on the Nippon Animation or Fuji TV pages.

November 29, 1999
My apologies for being late again ... The last two weekends haven't gone off as I had planned. Anyway, the Chronology has been updated today as it hits the 515kb mark. I hope that I'll do better by the coming weekend.

November 17, 1999
The most obvious thing that is new is this page...

It probably goes without saying, but the purpose of this page is to serve as a place to announce changes in my Animated Divots pages. It also serves as a place to document those changes (thus further reinforcing my nerd/historian instincts). Oh well, it's an obsession...

Today's update is several days late. The major item is the update of the anime tv list. The base file has grown to 775K with this version. Part of the large addition since last time is due to the fact that I've added several new items of information that I'll now be trying to collect for each tv series. These are Broadcaster, Layout, and Backgrounds. With this update I'm beginning to change how titles are listed. From now on the basic listing will be by complete Japanese title (if known), with cross-references from English titles and important Japanese keywords. At this point I've just renovated as far as the beginning of the "b"s. It will take a while to finish this although I hope to accomplish a lot at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm also happy to report that I've actually been able to confirm a couple of the long-standing unverified titles this time around (Yosei Dick and Jungle Kurobe). Finally, with this update, everything from the new fall tv season should be included in the list.

Last update: March 3, 2002
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